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Meet The Team


Shelton Walker

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Mr. Shelton Walker serves as the Chief Operating Officer for IST. Shelton earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architectural Engineering from Tennessee State University and his experience as a general contractor has given him unique insight into the design-build process. Shelton has over twenty-five (25) years’ of experience with emphasis in project management, value engineering, contract administration, project cost estimation, technical specification, project safety inspection, inspection services, CADD design, project scheduling, land surveying, professional presentations, scheduling, quality control and safety management. Shelton oversees daily operations of the company and the work of our executives (IT, Marketing, Business Development and Finance etc.)

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Everrett Lanier

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Mr. Everett Lanier is the President and CEO of IST, LLC and has over thirty (30) years of construction and engineering experience. Everett earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Alabama A&M University. Everett’s experience includes program management, business development, capture management and project engineering. Everett possess a broad knowledge of business operations and program matrix management experience and is an accomplished negotiator and innovative leader who have demonstrated the ability to manage relationships and complex programs to achieve financial success, on time deliveries and customer trust and satisfaction.

Young Business Woman

Tameka Walker

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